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DNB Staff Listings

Office of the DNB Director (OD)
Name Title Phone
Valentino, Rita, Ph.D. Director (301) 443-1887
Little, Roger, Ph.D. Deputy Director (301) 435-1316
Satterlee, John, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (Epigenetics) (301) 435-1020
Grant, Steven, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 443-8869
Babecki, Beth, M.A. Training Coordinator (301) 435-0899
Espinoza, Christie Program Analyst (301) 435-0914
Kautz, Mary, Ph.D. Program Officer; Director, NIDA Tobacco Regulatory Science Program (301) 443-3206
Selmane, Myriam Program Analyst (301) 435-5985
Williams, Joyce Program Analyst (301) 435-0907
Witcher, Shyra Extramural Support Assistant (301) 435-1326
Wright, Susan Health Scientist Administrator (301) 402-6683
Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Branch (BCN)
Name Title Phone
Pariyadath, Vani, Ph.D. Branch Chief (301) 443-3209
Grant, Steve, Ph.D. Program Officer; DNB Coordinator for Accelerating the Translation of Research Findings (301) 443-8869
Kautz, Mary, Ph.D. Program Officer; Director, NIDA Tobacco Regulatory Science Program (301) 443-3206
Moore, Holly, Ph.D. Program Officer (301) 827-7376
Nkongho, Lizette, MPH Scientific Program Manager (Contractor), Tobacco Regulatory Science Program (301) 435-1322
Wenzel, Jennifer, Ph.D. Program Officer (301) 443-1887
Wetherington, Cora Lee, Ph.D. Program Officer; NIDA’s Women & Sex/Gender Differences Research Coordinator (301) 435-1319
Chemistry and Pharmacology Branch (CP)
Name Title Phone
Rapaka, Rao, Ph.D. Branch Chief (301) 443-1887
Bough, Kristopher, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 443-9800
Hillery, Paul, Ph.D. Chemist (301) 443-1887
Genetics, Epigenetics, and Developmental Neuroscience Branch (GEDN)
Name Title Phone
Pollock, Jonathan, Ph.D. Branch Chief (301) 435-1309
Wu, Da-Yu, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 435-4649
Lossie, Amy, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 827-6092
Procaccini, Dena, M.S. Contractor (301) 443-3482


Integrative Neuroscience Branch (INB)
Name Title Phone
Sorensen, Roger, Ph.D. Branch Chief (301) 443-3205
Berton, Olivier, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 827-7771
Lin, Woody, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 435-1318
Tsai, Shang-Yi Anne, Ph.D., M.S.P.H. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 827-5842

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