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Staff Listings

Office of the DTMC Director (OD)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Kurt Rasmussen, Ph.D. Director (301) 443-6173
Ivan Montoya, M.D., M.P.H. Deputy Director (301) 827-5936
David McCann, Ph.D. Associate Director (301) 827-5934
Aida Klun, M.B.A., PMP Program Analyst (301) 827-5929
Grace Anochie Staff Assistant (301) 827-5917
Justin Drott Extramural Support Assistant (301) 827-5923
Medical Consequences Branch (MCB)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Kevin Walton, Ph.D. Acting Chief (301) 827-5980
Raul N. Mandler, MD; FAAN; FANA Senior Medical Officer (301) 480-2541
Clinical/Medical Branch (CMB)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Shwe Gyaw, M.D. Chief (301) 827-5924
Liza Zeinert, M.A. Clinical Trials - Phase 2 and 3 and nicotine (301) 443-1138
Jurij Mojsiak, M.S. Clinical Pharmacologist - Phase 1 (301) 827-5935
Tatiana "Tanya" Ramey, M.D., Ph.D. Medical Safety Officer (301) 827-5944
Regulatory Affairs Branch (RAB)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Robert "Bob" Walsh, B.S., R.A.C. Chief (301) 827-5244
Marta De Santis, Ph.D. Regulatory Affairs Specialist (301) 827-5922
Chemistry and Pharmaceutics Branch (CPB)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Richard "Rik" Kline, Ph.D. Chief (301) 827-5243
Sung Kim, Ph.D Health Scientist Administrator (301) 827-1896
Phillip Krieter, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 827-5930
Charles Marschke, B.S. Chemist: Management Discovery Compound Resources  (301) 827-5933
Medications Discovery and Toxicology Branch (MDTB)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Jane B. Acri, Ph.D. Chief (301) 827-5907
Nathan M. Appel, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 827-5918
Hirsch Davis, M.A. Psychologist (301) 827-5921
Carol Hubner, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 827-5926
David White, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 827-5981
Clinical Research Grants Branch (CRGB)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Kevin Walton, Ph.D. Chief - Clinical trials, Drug Development, Nicotine, Cocaine, Opiates (301) 827-5980
Will M. Aklin , Ph.D. Adult and Adolescent Treatment; Novel Behavioral and Neurobehavioral Processes; Behavioral & Combined Behavioral/Pharmacological Treatments; Mechanisms of Action Research; Adherence to medications for Drug Abuse Treatment and HIV (301) 827-5909
Aidan Hampson, Ph.D. Pharmacology, Drug Development, Clinical Trial Cannabis, Methamphetamine, Opiates (301) 827-5925
Ann Anderson, MD. Medical Safety Officer (301) 827-5916
Naresh Chand, D.V.M., Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 827-5919
Katrina Foster, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator - Opioid, SUDs, Mental Health, Neurobiological/Neurobehavioral (301827-5815
Guifang Lao, M.D., Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 827-5931

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