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Prescription Opioid and Pain Workgroup (POP)

What We Do:

The Prescription Opioid and Pain (POP) Workgroup is a trans-NIDA group organized and approved in 2006 to provide a forum for the scientific and clinical disciplines at NIDA to share current information, new initiatives and progress on the growing problem of prescription drug abuse and its interrelationship with pain and pain treatment.

The problem of pain and prescription drug abuse crosses all the Divisions and Centers at NIDA at both the Bethesda and Baltimore campuses. The POP workgroup encourages all NIDA staff with an interest in this area to participate and contribute their unique knowledge and perspective. The monthly meeting encourage an exchange of ideas.

The workgroup is very concerned with prescription opioids and their association with pain treatment. Data has been released showing that over the past ten years prescriptions for prescription opioids has doubled, but pain relief has not been reported as improved. We are interested in opioid medications that do not put the public at risk for overdose or other untoward events, but that provide the needed pain relief.

All Divisions at NIDA are represented in the workgroup and membership is open to all. The meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at 3:00 pm in the DESPR Conference Room 5th floor Room 5182. Plans are underway to either web-cast or conference call to facilitate participation by intramural staff or those who are telecommuting.

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