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NIDA Topics of Special/Continuing Interest (DAT)

NIDA Topics of Interest (DAT)

Important: Please contact the Program Official/Contact(s) before submitting an application.

NIDA is attempting to limit the number of Program Announcements we issue each year; however, we remain committed to informing applicants about emerging and continuing areas of research interest. The Drug Abuse Topics (DATs) of interest will leverage existing parent funding opportunity announcements to solicit topic-specific applications within areas of emerging interest to the Institute. Note that we continue to encourage investigator-initiated projects in topic areas not listed here, and that applications submitted in response to the Relevant Funding Opportunities are NOT limited to the research and development areas described below.

This website only lists scientific/research topics and contacts and instructions for linking applications to specific topics of interest to NIDA (DATs). What is not included are additional application instructions, eligibility restrictions, review criteria, selection criteria, or other items related to the completeness or compliance of an application. These are found in the SF424 application guide.

Instructions for submitting applications:

  • Insert "DAT-" (four characters) in the beginning of the Project Title of the application. [Note: NIH limits the Project Title to 200 characters (including spaces and punctuation)].
  • Insert the DAT Code (e.g., DAT18-01) before the first sentence of the abstract. (This is for internal NIDA tracking purposes only).
Topic Code Contacts
Public Health Research on Cannabis (PDF, 340KB) DAT18-10 Heather Kimmel, PhD

Marsha Lopez, PhD, MHS

Steve Gust, PhD
Effects of Opioids and their Antagonists on Fetal and Neonatal Brain Development (R01, R03, R21) (PDF, 353KB) DAT18-09 Ann L. Anderson, MD, MPH

Karen Sirocco, Ph.D.

Da-Yu Wu, Ph.D.
Health Services and Economic Research on the Treatment of Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Use Disorders (R01, R03, R21) (PDF, 574KB) DAT18-06 Tisha Wiley, Ph.D.

Lori Ducharme, Ph.D.
Research on Justice-Involved Populations in the Context of the Opioid Crisis (R01, R21) (PDF, 708KB) DAT18-08 Tisha Wiley, Ph.D.
Basic Research on Opioids (R01, R03, R21) (PDF, 612KB) DAT18-07 Jonathan Pollock, Ph.D.
Neuroimmune Signaling and Function in Substance Use Disorders (R01, R21) (PDF, 543KB) DAT18-01 Roger G Sorensen, Ph.D., MPA
Drug Abuse Prevention Intervention Research (R01, R03, R21) (PDF, 536KB) DAT18-02 Jacqueline Lloyd, Ph.D., MSW
Epidemiology of Drug Abuse (R01, R03, R21) (PDF, 535KB) DAT18-03 Marsha F. Lopez, Ph.D., MHS
Effects of Cannabis Use and Cannabinoids on the Developing Brain (R01, R03, R21) (PDF, 568KB) DAT18-04 Da-Yu Wu, PhD

Karen Sirocco, Ph.D.
Gene-Environment Interplay in Substance Use Disorders (R01, R21) (PDF, 567KB) DAT18-05 Naimah Weinberg, M.D.

Amy C. Lossie, Ph.D.

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