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FAQs on New T32 Data Tables

Revised May 2016

Using the SF424 Forms D Training Data Tables

Please see https://grants.nih.gov/grants/forms/data-tables/forms-d.htm for blank data tables, instructions, and sample data tables. Note that the SF424 Forms D Training Data Tables are required for training applications due on or after May 25, 2016, or for progress reports.

Prior to preparing your Data Tables, please read the Introduction to the Data Tables and the associated NIH Office of Extramural Research FAQs on Form Updates (see section E). The additional FAQs provided below, although specific to institutional training grant applications submitted to NIDA, are intended to further clarify the data training table instructions and does not supplant or modify the existing instructions or FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If there are any perceived discrepancies between the SF424 data table instructions and the NIH FAQs, the NIH FAQs takes precedence as they contain the most current information.
  • Table 2 should include all current and past students (for the last 10 years) of participating faculty, including those who were not appointed to the training grant.
  • Tables 2 and 5 should not include past faculty.
  • Only aggregate data should be provided in Table 6, part II.
  • Since the method of hiring of postdocs can greatly affect the applicant pool count, programs using Table 6B should provide a table footnote specifying how postdocs are recruited (e.g., ad hoc, via a department applicant pool, or other).
  • If there are any additional questions regarding these data tables, please contact your NIDA program official.

This page was last updated May 2016

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